Speed Drawing- Jake

2012-10-26 21:47:00 by JakesTime

So I uploaded a speed drawing... Here it is...

Speed Drawing- Jake


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2012-10-27 09:38:56

You don't want to listen, do you? DON'T, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T USE BASIC SHAPES TO MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS!! This also fully makes you a rip-off of Chad Troftgruben (lilredhead). First of all:
1) don't follow Chad's tutorials. They are extremely boring because he says more stuff than he needs to and the way he explains... it's just too confusing. Follow this guys tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/spazkidin3d/
2) use a style you're appropriate with. Stop ripping off other people's styles!
3) either make something long (around two minutes or so) or just quit animating.
Please, understand that there are too much rip-offs in the internet and that we don't need more.


2012-10-29 23:32:58

and lilredhead drawings look like crap that's why you shouldn't copy him

JakesTime responds:

I like the style personally. I dont give a shit what you think.


2012-10-30 02:07:29

if you don't give a shit about what we think, maybe you should stop submitting things to the portal forever.


2012-10-30 05:14:17

@Gimmick: nah I don't think he'll ever stop. He's just too stupid to get it.


2012-10-30 09:52:07

Er, yeah sorry about that, I was in a crappy mood and that didn't help, at ALL